Big Bowl of Self Esteem

Big Bowl of Self Esteem
How to Retain Self Esteem During Unemployment???


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How to Succeed as a Square Peg in a Round Hole ???

How to Succeed as a Square Peg in a Round Hole ???
How to Succeed As a Square Peg in a Round Hole


Sunday, March 14, 2010


I am a well known and well recognized person on the net. For almost past two years I am engaged in the empowerment of the youth through employment. During this period I have posted more than Hundred Thousand jobs in more than hundred countries. Facilitating employment has given me immense pleasure to me.

However the employment situation being what it is. People are not happy with their work environment. Some are losing jobs other are resigning their jobs. Some are working with reduced salaries. I am naturally worried, and for the past sometime, I have been on the lookout for providing an opportunity to the unemployed of India, where the monetary compensation is in direct relation to the efforts put in, and the income keeps growing with time and does not involve any huge investment and at the same time the organization is a part of a top ten corporate entities in India, and a fortune hundred organization in the world. Where the product is simple and sale able, And where there is provision for residual income.
After lot of research, I have identified an opportunity which has all the ingredients and gives an income that can make the unemployed of my country proud and independent entrepreneurs and also gives them an opportunity to be associated with a corporate giant. Here you are also paid for sales of your up line and down line. This programme has my total support and backing.
Those who know me or followed my activities would be happy to place trust in me. However those who do not know me would quite naturally be skeptic. I request them to visit the links to know about me, my activities, my articles, & my profile.
However those of you  who do not know me, please visit the links mentioned to know more about me, my work and my profile before taking a decision.

My profile:
A search on Google with my complete name (Shyamsunder Panchavati) will reveal all the information about my articles, jobs  and others.

 About the opportunity:
It is not money rotation scheme, nor is it paid to view, read, or click, it is not work from home. But you can certainly work on this during your spare time without disturbing your studies or, employment.
The opportunity is Multi Level Marketing. You have to spend Rs.1200.00 for registration, and invest Rs.15, 000 for the investment product. After three year lock in period you can withdraw your investment with handsome returns, interest, bonuses, and other benefits. The Rs. 1200 would give you a unique e-pin and a website where you can monitor the data related to your and your down line’s activities.
In case you are interested, you will have to come to Hyderabad to take a presentation at your cost. After presentation you can work from your place any where in India. You have the option of rejecting the offer if you are not satisfied, no questions will be asked. The people will not convince or force you to join. I will be present and ensure that you have your way. In case you are satisfied with the opportunity and want to join, you will have to pay Rs. 1,200 in cash and register. A DD for Rs. 15,000 will also have to be handed over to the office as per the instructions conveyed in the presentation.
As per company rules, I cannot reveal any information on this website. You will be given all the information by the concerned people during the presentation and you can ask all the questions and clear your doubts. Once you join you can build your down line. You will be given all the support by way of training to your down line by the organization. If you have sufficient number of people interested to join. The training team will travel to your place to impart training. You can have all the details from the organization directly when you come to Hyderabad.
In case you are interested please contact me at  I will mail you the details. The presentations are being conducted daily at the office between 11 AM & 5 PM.The presentation will last one hour.You can also bring your friends.There is no limit to number of people you can bring. You will have to provide for all your expenses including travel food and other incidental expenses.
And finally, yes I will be with you through out and back you at every step.
Please go ahead, only if you can trust me, otherwise you can continue to view the jobs on my website and apply.

Best wishes,
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Entrepreneurship the next step

Entrepreneurship the next step

I am totally floored by the overwhelming, enthusiastic, and encouraging response to my message. Thanks for the immense confidence you have shown for me and my project.  It is impossible to respond individually to all the messages.
The objective of the entrepreneurship project is to empower people to self sustaining entrepreneurial mode in their own village with an aim to stop the influx of the people from rural India to the towns. Government will never be able to provide proper infrastructure to take care of this influx.
Initial aim is to construct a basic structure comprising of one thousand hardcore volunteers from all over the country. This will in turn initiate hundred volunteers each into the movement to form a force of One Hundred Thousand dedicated volunteers. Who will work in the rural villages to train and empower the rural population. We also have plans to integrate the rural ITI’s in the endeavor to impart vocational training to the rural youth and women to empower them to be an entrepreneur in their own villages.
For this we need to draw a charter of self imposed code of discipline. The work pattern, the motivation, and the reward mechanism.  I request you to kindly give your valuable suggestions. You can give suggestions even if you are not free to join this movement.
For example one element of the charter could be that working for the project should not  in any way disturb the financial equilibrium of the family of the worker. Only financial stable members should spend time for the project. And in turn make this as criteria while selecting their team.
Please note after sending the message, you will have to enroll your email id into our subscription list. The subscription form is there on every page on our site at the end of every page (Sign up Today). We cannot legally interact with you unless you are a part of our mailing list.
Please follow the link to send your suggestions.

Best wishes,

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